Wuthering Heights: Far From The Madding Crowd – special edition

  • New special edition 2-CD set.
  • Redesigned booklet with lyrics and liner notes by band founder Erik Ravn.
  • Remastered by Jacob Hansen.
  • Includes all bonus tracks from the different original editions.
  • Also includes previously unreleased audition demo of singer Nils Patrik Johansson.

Release date: 1 December 2020.

01. Gather Ye Wild
02. The Road Goes Ever On
03. Tree
04. Longing For The Woods part I – the wild children
05. Highland Winds
06. Longing For The Woods part II – the ring of fire
07. The Bollard
08. Bad Hobbits Die Hard
09. Longing For The Woods part III – Herne´s prophecy
10. Land Of Olden Glory
11. Lament For Lórien

01. The Road Goes Ever On (NPJ audition demo)
02. Tree (NPJ audition demo)
03. Highland Winds (NPJ audition demo)
04. Memory Within A Memory
05. The Tapdancer/Gather Ye Wild (reprise)