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Erik Ravn

A composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Erik is best known as founder of the progressive metal band Wuthering Heights. But his lifelong musical journey has also seen him working as far afield as jazz, acoustic folk, film scoring and musical comedy.

If you would like Erik to participate in your musical project – maybe helping to produce your demo, arranging songs or backing vocals, playing guitar or something completely different – simply get in touch for an informal chat about what he can do for your music.

Wuthering Heights

Progressive metal band formed in 1989. The band has released 5 albums to date featuring an extremely versatile mix of musical influences, including progressive rock, speed metal and traditional folk music. The band’s music is highly dramatic featuring virtuoso musicianship and the poetic lyrics of Erik Ravn.

Nagelfest Music is re-releasing updated special editions of the band’s back catalogue. Please see our SHOP for more info.

For more on the history and current doings of the band, please visit:
Wuthering Heights on Facebook

Brökeback Mountaineers

Hits like never before! Four musical nutcases taking their heavy rock past and applying it to the glorious pop songs of the 70’s and 80’s. Formed in 2008 the band features Erik Ravn of Wuthering Heights as both guitarist and producer.

Their releases are available exclusively from Nagelfest Music.

Brökeback Mountaineers on Facebook

Beltane Born

Conceived as a sort of solo project for Wuthering Heights main man Erik Ravn. The music of Beltane Born still contains elements of his unique metal style, but it brings some of his other musical tastes more to the front. Erik himself describes the music as “celtic hard rock”.

The first album is available from Nagelfest Music.


Singer, songwriter, poet and general weird person, Særling makes strange, funny and beautiful songs with rather witty lyrics in Danish. Inspired by the glory days of early Danish beat music, the music draws parallels to the likes of Alrune Rod, Skousen & Ingemann and Gasolin’.

Recorded under the supervision of Erik Ravn whose guitar work also features prominently throughout, the first album is available from Nagelfest Music.