Beltane Born: Beltane Born

  • First album by solo project of Wuthering Heights founder Erik Ravn.
  • Epic hard rock with a Celtic twist.
  • 64 minutes playing time.
  • Mastered by Jacob Hansen.
  • Available on CD.

Release date: 16 july 2021


01. Prologue: Forest Call
02. The Great Escape
03. To The Streets (incl. The Rebel Jig)
04. May Queen
05. The Elusive Sunset
06. Emerald Greens, Sapphire Blues (for Gaz)
07. Another Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer
08. The Rain
09. Dreamers And Wandering Men
10. Forest Call (reprise)
11. North
12. Whisper On The Wind
13. Epilogue: Skoggangr