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Our webshop is the only official outlet for our associated artists. By shopping here you support the artists directly.
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Shopping is easy – simply write us here.

Tell us what you want and give us your full postal address. For shirts, please include the desired size. Also let us know if you want any items signed by Erik Ravn.

We will then calculate the precise shipping cost (nothing more) and send you a PayPal invoice.
You do not need a PayPal account (although that is easy), but can simply choose to pay with your standard credit card.

Shipping & delivery times

Everything at our shop is done ”by hand” by ourselves, so please allow reasonable time for us to process your order.

Shipping time varies a lot from country to country. Up to 30 days is not uncommon for some destinations. We do not ship by tracked mail, because this would greatly increase the shipping costs. It is extremely rare that a package is lost in shipping, but should you want tracked mail, please let us know and we will quote you a price.

We ship to most countries, but not every single one. If in doubt, just get in touch and we will let you know if we are able to ship to your destination.

How about Covid-19?

Please consult the Danish Postal Service’s info on the Covid-19 situation to check the shipping situation to your particular destination: