New Wuthering Heights reissue

  • Post published:March 4, 2022

The special edition reissue of the first Wuthering Heights album – “Within” – will be released 11 March 2022. Order your copy now in the SHOP.

Reviews in Rock Hard

  • Post published:February 21, 2022
Issue 416 of German magazine ROCK HARD contains a review of the “The Shadow Cabinet – Special Edition” CD by Wuthering Heights. Once more the review is by Stefan Glas in his “From The Underground” column. Unfortunately, the actual rating has somehow fallen out of the magazine layout, but according to Mr. Glas, it would likely have been an 8/10.
Furthermore, in the same issue Erik Ravn’s “Beltane Born” album is also reviewed in the “Demos & Eigenproduktionen” column (which does not give ratings as such).
See more here:

New shipping rates

  • Post published:January 3, 2022
The shipping rates of the national Danish post have had yet another adjustment for the new year.
Smaller shipments get a little more expensive, while costs for larger shipments are actually reduced a tiny bit. So it will still be a good idea to order several items at ones (or order for you and your friends).
In any case we will still charge you no more than the actual shipping costs, and so we hope for your understanding.
You find the new shipping rates in the shop section.

New Wuthering Heights reissue

  • Post published:November 26, 2021

The next of the Wuthering Heights special edition reissues – “The Shadow Cabinet” – will be released 1 December 2021. Order your copy now in the SHOP.

Brökeback Mountaineers review

  • Post published:November 23, 2021
More fun news: The German online magazine “Musik An Sich”, who recently reviewed the 2015 album by Brökeback Mountaineers, have now taken it upon themselves to review the band’s even sillier “Sin EP”.
Apparently the language barrier has not limited the good vibrations this EP puts across, as you can see from the review here:

Beltane Born review

  • Post published:October 19, 2021
The Finnish webzine Imperium has reviewed the Beltane Born album. For those of you reading Finnish – or wanting to risk a rather silly Google translation – it’s available here:

Brökeback Mountaineers review

  • Post published:October 13, 2021
Fun news: Several years after the fact, German online magazine “Musik An Sich” reviews the first ever Nagelfest Music release – the “Dogwater Disco” album by the mighty Brökeback Mountaineers.
A generally nice, if understandably somewhat puzzled, review, that you can read here: